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Slanting Roof Top

The wide range of components and systems facilitates the fastening of almost any module configuration to almost any roof. Quick mounting times and sustained durability are achieved through the deployment of high-quality and sophisticated components in conjunction with a structural analysis. Eion offers both roof-parallel and elevated solutions for pitched roofs; simply choose the most appropriate solution for your own roof project.

Silent Features

  • Compatible with 60-cell and 72-cell modules
  • 20% more module density on roof
  • Better inverter utilization
  • Wind tunnel tested, no air deflectors needed
  • Lower ballast weight from streamlined design
  • Rail-less system, no long rails to manage
  • Universal clamps reduce part count

Mounting type :

a) Standard type


  • One-layer mounting rack
  • 2 cross beams per module row
  • Module clamps for framed modules also available with potetial equalization

b) Grid Norm type


  • Cross rail system for unfavourable fastening points
  • Wide spans are possible
  • In many cases, a reduction of the number of fastening points is possible
  • Exact aherence to the fastening points

c) Eion – Rapid system


  • 2 horizontal cross beam profiles per module row
  • Vertical module mounting
  • Fastening to the substructure using roof hooks
  • Special fastening elements are possible
  • Middle, end and earthing clamps

d) System FixZ-7


  • Slight elevation on trapezoidal sheet metal for framed modules (elevation angle of 5 – 7°)
  • Designed for vertically mounted framed modules with heights from 1.3 m to 1.7 m.
  • Mainly fastened using trapezoidal sheet metal clamps

e) Compact Direct


  • Direct fastening of triangle spports to the roof construction, for example on roofs with east-west inclinatuion, elevation toward the south
  • Fastening using hanger bolts or special fastenings

f) Compact Vario


  • Multi-row elevation with interconnected module rows
  • Especially for purlin roofs aligned to the south
  • Fastening using special fastenings (for example FixT)