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Flat Roof Type

The most economical solution for a flat roof is that which results from optimal customization of the mounting system to the target roof structure. A number of support geometries with different inclinations and dimensions are therefore used for Eion flat roof systems, in full compliance with the latest technical standards. The wide range of accessories allows for installation on almost any roof. A customized plan with a detailed structural analysis is drawn up for every system, based on data provided by the customer.

Our flat roof systems meet the latest standards and can be enhanced by means of numerous potential accessories.

Mounting type :

a) Eion Series


  • Available with 10° or 15° inclination
  • System structural analysis based on the latest research on wind dynamics
  • Additional “+” Version: Clamping at the long side of the modules

a) Compact Direct


  • The triangular supports are loaded with concrete block loading kits, SolRack or SolCube
  • Inclination angles can be chosen in steps of 1°

c) Compact Vario


  • Elevation with interconnected module rows
  • Individually applicable
  • The triangular supports are loaded using SolRack or SolCube

d) Windsafe


  • System with rear wall covering, especially for the reduction of uplifting loads
  • Can be used in combination with CompactDirect or CompactVario, for example
  • Unit assembly system for individual project planning

e) Iso Top


  • For roofs of industrial buildings with wide spans
  • Fastening to the girders of the hall
  • Object planning on the basis of an individual structural analysis software